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Featured : English Reading Kit

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Use the kit to:

  1. Practise Phonics Sounds
  2. Build words with Alphabet cards
  3. Read word lists and passages
  4. Learn Blends, Digraphs and more
  5. Reinforce Phonics taught in Singapore kindergartens / Montessori's at home
  6. Progress from Level-1 to Level-10.
  7. Priced affordably

The kit includes:

  1. Alphabet box with 3 sets of alphabets cards
  2. 18 sets of picture cards ( same vowel, mixed vowels) made with 350gsm card
  3. 6 sets of word cards made with 350 gsm card
  4. 10 sets of reading lists of words and phrases on 350gsm card
  5. 5 sets of Sight words on 140gsm paper stock
  6. Booklet with all relevant instructions for using this kit
  7. Booklet includes phonics sounds like oo, oa, ee..etc.
  8. Booklet includes different Blends, Digraphs and Word families
  9. All materials are packed in a box for easy storage.
  10. Demo's to use kit available on website

LEVEL-BY-LEVEL approach in this ALL-INCLUDED kit:

  • Level 1 to 3 - Learn to build three-letter words of the same/mixed vowels. Start to read three-letter words using picture clues.
  • Level 4 to 5 - Introduce sight words, reading lists and phrases.
  • Level 6 - More Phonics sounds such as oo, ee...
  • Level 7 to 8 - Blends and Digraphs and word families such as ake,ice...
  • Level 9 to 10 - Special words such as three-letter blends, no-vowel words etc.

About Angelina's Learning Kits

Greetings everyone!

Welcome to our website where we hold every child and parent dearly, for when a child is born, so does a parent. For us parents our children are the main priority and to our children, we are the world to them. We become their first teacher, first friend, first in all. One of the finest ways to nurture our children is to join in their journery of discovering the world. It forges a strong bond between parent and child.

Angelina's learning kits are designed for parents and children to spend quality time while learning. It has been put together by a dedicated mother who has done the same with her own children with success. Together with nurturing parents,we are certain that these kits will be a valuable addition to your child's learning journey.


Our kit is available for an Online Purchase - Easy, Quick and Reliable

English Reading Kit

Our video guides available on Youtube

Quick demo of Level 1

Quick demo of Level 3

Follow Level 10 with spelling

Introduce phonics sounds & build 3-letter words

Start reading 3-letter words and practise with reading lists and phrases

Introduce more phonics sounds and read Blends / Digraphs and Word families

Challenging phonics sounds

Spell with phonics


# Customer Input Our Response
1 What is a good age to start with this kit ? We recommend to start for children aged anywhere between 3.5/4.5 yrs and can use the kit until primary 1. There are a total of 10 levels to be completed from nursery to K2. A guide to the duration for each level is given in our booklet.
2 Where can I find the instructions for this kit? There are a total of 10 levels and for each level the instructions are included in the booklet. You can also refer to our video guides where DEMOs are available.
3 My daughter loves to do the exercises in the kit. But the alphabet cards are slightly bigger for her and so I cut a little bit from the top and bottom of each card. Thanks for your feedback.
4 Video guides are great, very useful. Thanks. Thanks for your feedback. Do let us know if you need more information on the video guides.


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